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We offer the best... Forget the rest... you deserve the best!

Hi! Welcome to STA Holiday Tour & Travels

Hi! Welcome to STA Holiday Tour & Travels

We offer the best... Forget the rest... you deserve the best!

Brand means trust. Brand means value. Till now, we have truly experienced the magic of brands. We have an honest wish that our customers too should experience it. We are sure that you are aware of the fact that there is great power in the word ‘brand’. For any brand to be well established, it has to go through the stringent test of fire of the expectations of the customers. And this is exactly the principle we use in terms of our services. Till now we have also proven this by gaining the trust of many clients.

STA Holidays is the fruit of our rigorous hard work. We have drawn the inferences on various aspects much in advance. Compromising on any aspect does not fall into our philosophy. Hence we are always committed to a satisfactory travel experience for our customer. We aspire to offer you the best. Travel once with us and you will never travel with anyone else!

Advantage Of STA Hollidays

We offer the best... Forget the rest... you deserve the best!

  • Collective experience of 10 years.
  • Guaranteed departure for all tours.
  • Experienced Tour Managers with every group tour
  • All inclusive tours. Zero hidden cost.
  • Buffet breakfast, Veg, Non-veg meals with tea & coffee
  • Tour program designed to make tour hassle free, more relaxing, pleasant and memorable.
  • Maximum time allotted for sightseeing, shopping and leisure.
  • Pre-departure get together to get our client acquainted with each other and get briefed about tour details with tour briefing file.
  • Specially designed STA Holidays goodies - bag, cap, passport pouch, universal adapter, tea-coffee sachets, dry snacks.
  • First aid kit available with Tour Manager.
  • Tailor made packages also made available.
  • Different hotels for exclusive customized holidays as per choice. Offers personalized services.

Advantage Of STA Hollidays


Discover the hidden treasures of natural beauty as we provide numerous packages.



Plan your holidays to discover destinations.



Enjoy every moment with numerous events.



We offer best accommodations and hotel reservations to our customers so that they can enjoy every minute.

Our team

We offer the best... Forget the rest... you deserve the best!

Ajit Sangale

Hello dear friends,
For the past 10 years I have been travelling the world, enjoying and experiencing its each unique aspect in a variety of ways. And hence, today I have a vast treasure trove of travel experience by my side, sharing which; a lot of my friends have enjoyed this as well. And through all my journeys till date, there’s a strong realization that has profoundly attracted me to the philosophy of – ‘no compromise’. Friends, what does it mean to not compromise? I will explain it in simple words. To adhere to the highest quality in terms of customer comfort and satisfaction, their happiness, and to give them the most memorable moments of their lives – without compromise. Because beautiful memories last for a lifetime. And hence, at STA holidays, our motto of ‘no compromise’ will always be central in serving our customers. In my opinion, STA’s fundamental responsibility towards its customers is to provide them a glimpse of an exclusive lifestyle, the best hotels & villas, and travel comfort. Who wouldn’t ever want to travel in a limousine? To dream of a stay in a luxurious, majestic suite at the Venetian Hotel in Macau? And to realize that dream is nothing short of blissful feeling. After all, what your are looking for is value for your money. That experience, that comfort! Only if it percolates deep within us. Do we truly make the most of our travel memoirs? And yes, our tours are designed specifically to provide you with all of this, without any hidden expenses. ‘Athithi Devo Bhavo (Guest is God)’ is a value we uphold with full integrity. To introduce our tourists to each destination’s uniqueness and providing perfect customer assistance without ignoring a single aspect of hospitality – this is the ‘no compromise’ nature of STA. And we also strive to be unique. After all, our customers’ satisfaction and happiness themselves are worth millions to us. Every one of our customers will definitely be satisfied is something I’m totally confident about.

Founder & Managing Director

STA Holidays LLP

Shailesh Kannav

Dear Tourist,
Food is an essential part of every culture. I think any event or travel turns out to be memorable mainly because of the food there. I have relished several cuisines of various culture in my world travel till now. Frankly, relishing the flavours of special cuisines, spices and even street foods in actually my passion. Every area has a unique style of food. That gives a distinct identity to the place. It gives me immense pleasure to savor this aspect of various cultures. Getting to know more about the food culture and offering the food to my friends is a matter of great interest to me. We Indians are foodies to the core. India is adorned with a diverse food culture. Whoever visits India falls in love with this food culture. Then why shouldn't this be applied to other countries as well? Taking inspiration from these thoughts, we have designed our food program keeping in mind the food preferences of tourists of various age groups. We ensure that our clients experience various varieties of foods. When we eat, we will eat well – this concept is deeply ingrained in the mind of STA Holidays. Hygienic and healthy food is a matter of great importance and we take a lot of care of what our tourists get to eat. What's more, we also take care of their food requirements during their fasts. If we are unable to manage special fasting food during these days, we ensure that they are treated to fresh fruits. I am confident that once you travel with us, you will say – when you wish to travel, choose only STA Travels. Because the one who travels with STA Travels will eat to his heart's delight!

Director - Sales

STA Holidays LLP

Arati Kannav

it is the journey that defines success in a person's life. a life fulfilled with experiences is one that everyone yearns for. and it is this same passion that i've carefully nurtured since my childhood. being from an average middle-class family, traveling and experiencing the world summed up my life's ambitions. from the iconic indian destinations like the taj mahal at agra, leh-ladakh, naturesque kashmir, to the world famous niagara falls, eiffel tower, leaning tower of pisa, majestic destinations like these had always fascinated me. the grandness of the niagara falls, the sprays of its cool, misty water enveloping my body ushering waves of excitement all over me. an experience of a lifetime. and that was when i decided my life's ambition - to travel the world over! to wholly experience it, body and soul. and to fulfill not just mine, but the travel ambitions of my relatives and friends and well! my husband, shailesh, too is passionate about food and travel. and with him i have traveled the world. experienced the world. it is only when we step outside the four walls of our house do we realize the diversity omnipresent in the world. wherever we go, the culture there has something to teach us, something to share with us. and to make the most of this, we must travel! europe, asia, africa, america and antarctica - all of these continents have been bestowed by nature with immense beauty. and it is this beauty that i want my fellow tourists to experience and be a part of. this in my opinion is of the utmost importance. anybody can take you places around the world, but very few insist on offering a true experience of the place to the customers. how can i provide a holistic sightseeing experience to our travelers? i have strived for 7-8 years to define an answer for this. and hence, the itineraries at sta holidays are always a cut above the rest, is something i'm completely confident and proud of. to enable each tourist to not just see, but fully experience, a destination is something we will always strive for.


STA Holidays LLP

Rekha Pacharne

Hi friends,
Any company needs proper management to be successful. Because of being a successful housewife, this responsibility automatically fell in my lap. To be disciplined in every routine of mine is something I uphold with utmost sincerity. Because without discipline, expected results cannot be achieved, can they? The same applies for STA. Everything at STA, be it any daily company task or one of STA’s tours, undergoes a strict & disciplined routine. I ensure that every customer gets proper returns from the money he/she has invested in the travel. Integrity in every transaction is something our customers always experience. Anything assured by STA will be delivered - is a value we always uphold. For STA Holidays to have a unique identity, an independent existence, is an ambition that inspired each 5 of us to start this venture. Every one of us undertakes a key responsibility in this, and succeeds as well. This is a passion that is close to all our hearts! Luxury, delectable cuisine, excellent and unique sightseeing, impeccable service with prompt management - the sheer bliss of this! What more can a tourist ask for? It wouldn’t be a surprise if in a small time period, STA Holidays is looked upon as the only travel agency to provide all these facilities in the best possible way!

Director - Accounts

STA Holidays LLP

Our Services

We offer the best... Forget the rest... you deserve the best!

Travel Booking

Our booking process is handled smoothly due to the advanced technology and other infrastructure available with us. These services are very well known for their reliability and timely execution.

Hotel Booking

We have arrangements with major leading hotel operators in the India to provide excellent corporate rates. Let us know your requirements.

Events Booking

We at STA travel and tour pre book the best events going on in the city.

Sight Seeing Booking

Planning to explore the beautiful sites, we at STA tour and travel offers sightseeing booking service to its customers.

Tour Discount

We at STA tour and Travels offer our customers tour discounts to our customers and packages to suit all budgets.

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Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

In any case, your passport is lost or stolen you crave to be certain that you can still be back into the country, or be capable of confirming your citizenship.

Register with your embassy

If there’s a crisis in the country, this will formulate it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety.

Always have local cash

Not every place takes credit cards. Especially at important places akin to trains or buses.

Customer Testimonials

Mayuresh Gaikwad

I am writing this letter in recognition of our satisfaction and happiness with regards to our holiday through STA tour and travel. All accommodation booked via STA tours, and travel was absolutely of the highest quality. Our stay was luxurious, and we were excellently planned after at all times. Overall my family had an unforgettable holiday. We thank STA tour and travel for allowing us to make the best out of the holiday. It was definitely worth the money. We will suggest travelling with STA tour and travel , to any family or friends who intend on going to India. We hope to holiday with you again shortly.

Pune, India

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